bookmyneCarry the library catalog on your smartphone or tablet. Search, request, and renew on the go. Look for “BookMyne” from iTunes for iOS or Google Play for Android OS.

While you’re at it, store your library card on your smartphone by using a “loyalty card” app and never forget your card again.

scanningsmartphoneDesigned to manage customer loyalty cards as used by supermarkets, department stores, and fueling centers, these apps can also manage certain ID cards such as your library card.

In general, follow these steps. Have your library card handy. You want to know its 14-digit number.

  1. Search for “loyalty card” and install the app best suited to your needs. Many of them include a selection of loyalty cards and coupons.
  2. Create your library card by choosing “other” or “new” or whatever command used by the app for creating new cards.
  3. Give it a name, such as “Wilmington Public Library”.
  4. In the space for card number, enter your 14-digit library card number without its spaces (which are just for readability anyway).
  5. The app asks for the “type” of barcode. Select “codabar” and it will create the barcode.
  6. Save all inputs and you’re ready.

Next time you need your library card, go to your app, call up the card and its barcode to be scanned by the library.

Just putting a picture of your card’s barcode in your phone may not be readable by barcode scanners. It’s better to have the app create the barcode image.

As in all things technological, your mileage may vary.

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