Lending guidelines

Visual materials (DVDs & Blu-rays)

  • 7-day loan (3 days for new acquisitions and all Blu-rays).
  • One renew if not on request.
  • Limit five per patron total all formats.

All other items

  • 21-day loan (14 days for new acquisitions).
  • Two renews if not on request (once for new acquisitions).
  • Music CDs limit five per patron.


  • 10ยข per day overdue (Max. $10).
  • Visual materials $1 per day overdue (Max. $10).
  • Lost and damaged items billed at cost plus $1 processing fee.
  • Replacement library card $2.


Borrowing is suspended if total fines, fees or other charges equal $3 or more. Borrowing privileges are resumed when total charges are less than $3.