Volunteer @ the library!

Due to internal process and procedural changes, we are unable to accept new volunteers at this time.

We hope to be ready to accept new volunteers very soon. Thank you for your patience.


Volunteer Guidelines

The active participation of citizens of a variety of ages is a valuable resource to the library.    After fulfilling library procedures, the library accepts and encourages the involvement of volunteers at the library under the supervision of the library staff and within programs and activities approved by the Director.   Volunteers shall be extended the opportunity to be given meaningful assignments, to be treated as an equal, to effective and professional supervision, to involvement and participation and to recognition of competent completion of assigned tasks.

A volunteer shall be defined as one who performs a service of his or her own free will; who contributes time, energy and talents directly for the Wilmington Public Library of Clinton County or the Friends of the Wilmington Public Library and is not paid by the library, or any other governmental body on the library’s behalf.  All volunteers must be accepted and enrolled by the library prior to performance of assigned tasks.

There will be two distinct types of volunteers, adult volunteers and teen volunteers.
Teen volunteers must be at least 14 years of age and have the signed permission of a parent or guardian to volunteer.

Volunteers assigned community service as restitution for a criminal offense will be handled separately from this program and accepted at the discretion of the Director.

Volunteers are not covered under the library’s Workers Compensation Insurance.
Volunteers’ performance will be regularly evaluated by the library and staff.
Volunteers will be recognized annually for their contribution.

Volunteers are required to maintain the confidentiality of library records in keeping with library policies and Ohio law.

The Library expects volunteers to meet the same standards of professionalism required of library staff.  Because an unsatisfactory volunteer is an unfair burden upon fellow volunteers and library employees, if a volunteer fails to meet the requirements of the job descriptions or violates library policies that person may be dismissed as a volunteer.

A volunteer may end their commitment at any time.