Summer Reading Program Massie

massie srp 2023 flier

Start Date to pick up boards – May 20
Start date to collect prizes – May 29
Final date to pick up prizes – Aug. 16

CHILDREN’S (0-11 years)
1. Each child gets a game board and a bag with coupons. There are 2 different game boards total,
children can get a new one once they complete a board.
2. For every 15 minutes reading or being read to, they get to put a sticker on game board.
3. For every 5 stickers they get a trip to the treasure chest.
4. For every completed game board they get to pick a free book.
5. Every child can fill out a ballot to enter into the grand prize drawing at the end of the summer.

TEENS (12-18)
1. Each teen gets a passport with stickers and a bag with coupons.
2. For every 30 minutes read, they place a sticker in the passport. For every 4 stickers, they get a trip to
the souvenir suitcase for a prize.
3. For every 8 stickers they get a free book.
4. Every check out they get a scratch off ticket for instant prizes (located next to holds shelf).
5. Upon check out, they get an extra receipt to put in the teen ballot box for the SRP grand prize

ADULTS Note: Must be checking out Adult or YA books
1. Each adult gets 2 copies of their checkout slips, one for them to keep and the 2 to put in the ballot
box. You can also give them a bag with coupons on their first summer checkout.
2. Adults get one adult scratch off per check out to collect prize. Prizes will be in box labeled as such.
3. Prizes are gift bag pairings. Each bag will contain a book and items that pair with the book
4. Prize winners will be drawn on June 14 (Adventures at Sea), 28 (Staycation), July 12 (Europe or
Bust) & 26 (Glamping), and Aug. 9 (Romantic Getaway).